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Penkov,Ivan :
  • A Bott-Borel-Weil theorem for diagonal ind-groups
  • Parabolic and Levi subalgebras of finitary Lie algebras
  • Parabolic Subgroups of Real Direct Limit Groups
  • Annihilators of highest weight sl(∞) –modules
  • On the Barth-Van de Ven-Tyurin-Sato theorem
  • A Categorification of the Boson-Fermion Correspondence via Representation Theory of sl(∞)
  • Levi Components of Parabolic Subalgebras of Finitary Lie Algebras
  • Schubert Decompositions for Ind-Varieties of Generalized Flags
  • On the structure of the Fundamental series of Generalized Harish-Chandra Modules
  • Linear Ind-Grassmannians
  • Infinite Kostant cascades and centrally generated primitive ideals of U (n) in types A(∞), C(∞)
  • A Koszul category of representations of finitary Lie algebras
  • On ideals in U(sl(∞)), U(o(∞)), U(sp(∞))
  • Categories of integrable sl(∞)-, o(∞)-, sp(∞)
  • Algebraic methods in the theory of generalized Harish-Chandra modules
  • Tensor Representations of Mackey Lie algebras and their dense subalgebras
  • Triviality of Vector Bundles on Twisted Ind-Grassmannians
  • On Ideals in the Enveloping Algebra of a Locally Simple Lie Algebra
  • Ordered tensor categories and representations of the Mackey Lie algebra of infinite matrices
  • Real group orbits on flag ind-varieties of SL(∞,ℂ)
  • On the categories of admissible (g,sl(2))-modules

    Percher, Tobias :
  • Multiplicity-free super vector spaces
  • Classification of skew multiplicity free modules

    Perling, Markus :
  • Examples for exceptional sequences of invertible sheaves on rational surfaces
  • Exceptional Sequences of Invertible Sheaves on Rational Surfaces

    Pezzini, Guido :
  • Wonderful subgroups of reductive groups and spherical systems
  • The spherical systems of the wonderful reductive subgroups
  • Primitive wonderful varieties, to appear in Math. Z.
  • Orbits of strongly solvable spherical subgroups on the flag variety
  • Automorphisms of wonderful varieties
  • Basics of the structure of spherical varieties
  • Spherical subgroups of Kac-Moody groups and transitive actions on spherical varieties
  • On reductive automorphism groups of regular embeddings
  • Combinatorial characterization of the weight monoids of smooth affine spherical varieties
  • On the W-action on B-sheets in positive characteristic

    Reineke, Markus :
  • Cohomology of quiver moduli, functional equations, and integrality of Donaldson-Thomas type invariants

    Röhrle, Gerhard :

  • On 1-dimensional representations of finite W-algebras associated to simple Lie algebras of exceptional type
  • Closed Orbits and uniform S-instability in Geometric Invariant Theory
  • Complete Reducibility and Conjugacy classes of tuples in Algebraic Groups and Lie algebras
  • Complete reducibility and separable field extensions
  • The strong Centre Conjecture: an invariant theory approach
  • Invariants of reflection groups, arrangements, and normality of decomposition classes in Lie algebras
  • $G$-complete reducibility and semisimple modules
  • Complete reducibility and Steinberg endomorphisms
  • On the irreducibility of symmetrizations of cross-characteristic representations of finite classical groups
  • On commuting varieties of nilradicals of Borel subalgebras of reductive Lie algebras
  • Equivariant K-theory of generalized Steinberg varieties
  • G-complete reducibility in non-connected groups
  • Spherical subgroups in simple algebraic groups

    Sambale, Benjamin :
  • On the Brauer-Feit bound for abelian defect groups
  • 2-blocks with abelian defect groups

    Schick, Thomas :
  • Homotopy groups of the moduli space of metrics of positive scalar curvature
  • A Geometric Description of Equivariant K-Homology for Proper Actions
  • Smooth orbifold $K$-Theory

    Schweigert, Christoph :
  • Twenty-five years of two-dimensional rational conformal field theory
  • Defect lines, dualities, and generalised orbifolds
  • The three-dimensional origin of the classifying algebra
  • A Geometric Construction for Permutation Equivariant Categories from Modular Functors
  • Equivariant Modular Categories via Dijkgraaf-Witten Theory
  • On the Brauer Groups of Symmetries of Abelian Dijkgraaf-Witten Theories
  • Partially dualized Hopf algebras have equivalent Yetter-Drinfel'd modules
  • Higher genus mapping class group invariants from factorizable Hopf algebras

    Soergel, Wolfgang :
  • Modular Koszul Duality
  • Proper base change for separated locally proper maps
  • Unicity of graded covers of the category O of Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand

    Stroppel, Catharina :
  • The sl(n)-WZNW Fusion Ring: a combinatorial construction and a realisation as quotient of quantum cohomology
  • Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra IV: the general linear supergroup
  • Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra III: category O
  • Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra II: Koszulity
  • Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra I: cellularity

    Weidner, Jan :
  • Grassmannians and Koszul duality

    Wibmer, Michael :
  • Grassmannians and Koszul duality
  • Difference algebraic relations among solutions of linear differential equations
  • $\sigma$-Galois theory of linear difference equations
  • Skolem-Mahler-Lech type theorems and Picard-Vessiot theory
  • Difference Galois theory of linear differential equations
  • An intrinsic characterization of Picard-Vessiot extensions
  • A Chevalley theorem for difference equations
  • Existence of $\partial$-parameterized Picard-Vessiot extensions over fields with algebraically closed constants
  • On the Galois theory of strongly normal differential and difference extensions, Séminaires et Congrès 27, 221-240, 2012. (nicht online vorhanden)

    Thiel, Ulrich :
  • A Counter-Example to Martino’s Conjecture About Generic Calogero–Moser Families
  • Champ: a Cherednik algebra Magma package
  • Decomposition Matrices are Generically Trivial

    Yang, Dong :
  • Relative singularity categories I: Auslander resolutions
  • Ladders and simplicity of derived module categories

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