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Farnsteiner, Rolf :
  • Complexity, Periodicity and One-Parameter Subgroups
  • Jordan Types for Indecomposable Modules of Finite Group Schemes
  • Weyl groups for non-classical restricted Lie algebras and the Chevalley restriction theorem
  • Categories of Modules given by varieties of p-nilpotent operators

    Fiebig, Peter :
  • The linkage principle for restricted critical level representations of affine Kac-Moody algebras
  • Parity sheaves, moment graphs and the p-smooth locus of Schubert varieties
  • On the restricted projective objects in the affine category O at the critical level
  • Filtered moment graph sheaves
  • Filtered modules on moment graphs and Lusztig's periodic patterns
  • On the subgeneric restricted blocks of affine category O at the critical level

    Fourier, Ghislain :
  • A categorical approach to Weyl modules
  • PBW filtration and bases for irreducible modules in type $A_n$
  • PBW filtration and bases for symplectic Lie algebras
  • Local Weyl modules for equivariant map algebras with free abelian group actions
  • Demazure modules and Weyl modules: The twisted current case
  • Favourable modules: Filtrations, polytopes, Newton-Okounkov bodies and flat degenerations
  • The degree of the Hilbert-Poincaré polynomial of PBW-graded modules
  • PBW--filtration over $\bz$ and compatible bases for $V_\bz(\la)$ in type ${\tt A}_n$ and ${\tt C}_n$

    Fuchs, Mathias :
  • The integral homology of PSL2 of imaginary quadratic integers with non-trivial class group
  • Asymptotic variance of random symmetric digital search trees

    Gramlich, Rolf :
  • Finiteness Properties of Chevalley Groups over a Polynomial Rings over a Finite Field
  • Abstract involutions of algebraic groups and of Kac-Moody groups
  • The sphericity of the Phan geometries of type Bn and Cn and the Phan-type theorem of type F4

    Gratz, Sira :
  • Mutation of torsion pairs in cluster categories of Dynkin type D
  • Cluster algebras of infinite rank as colimits
  • Graded quantum cluster algebras of infinite rank as colimits
  • Cluster algebras of infinite rank

    Green, David J. :
  • Gröbner bases for p-group algebras
  • On Oliver's p-group conjecture: II
  • Semigroup analysis of structured parasite populations

    Hartmann, Julia :
  • Patching subfields of division algebras
  • Applications of patching to quadratic forms and central simple algebras
  • Differential Galois Groups over Laurent Series Fields
  • Local-Global Principles for Torsors over Arithmetic Curves
  • Refinements to Patching and Applications to Field Invariants
  • Local-global principles for Galois cohomology
  • Weierstrass Preparation and Algebraic Invariants
  • Patching over Fields

    Heckenberger, Istvan :
  • Reflection groupoids of rank two and Cluster algebras of type $A$
  • Right coideal subalgebras of the Borel part of a quantized enveloping algebra
  • Right coideal subalgebras of Nichols algebras and the Duflo order on the Weyl groupoid

    Hilgert, Joachim :
  • Invariant Berezin integration on homogeneous supermanifolds
  • Patterson--Sullivan distributions for rank one symmetric spaces of the noncompact type
  • Orthogonal polynomials associated to a certain fourth order differential equation

    Hille, Lutz :
  • Exceptional Sequences of Invertible Sheaves on Rational Surfaces
  • Hochschild (Co-)Homology of Schemes with Tilting Object
  • On the complement of the Richardson orbit
  • On the complement of the dense orbit for a quiver of type $\Aa$
  • Tilting Bundles on Rational Surfaces and Quasi-Hereditary Algebras
  • Tilting Modules over the Path Algebra of Type A, Polytopes, and Catalan Numbers
  • Moduli of Representations, Quiver Grassmannians, and Hilbert Schemes

    Hiß, Gerhard :
  • Tensoring Generalized Characters with the Steinberg Character

    Holm, Thorsten :
  • Derived equivalence classification of cluster-tilted algebras of Dynkin type E
  • On a triangulated category which behaves like a cluster category of infinite Dynkin type, and the relation to triangulations of the infinity-gon
  • Sparseness of t-structures and negative Calabi-Yau dimension in triangulated categories generated by a spherical object
  • Realising higher cluster categories of Dynkin type as stable module categories
  • $SL_2$ tilings and triangulations of the strip
  • Ptolemy diagrams and torsion pairs in the cluster categories of Dynkin type D
  • Generalized frieze pattern determinants and higher angulations of polygons
  • Torsion pairs in cluster tubes
  • Towards derived equivalence classification of the cluster-tilted algebras of Dynkin type D
  • Cluster tilting vs. weak cluster tilting in Dynkin type A infinity
  • Generalized friezes and a modified Caldero-Chapoton map depending on a rigid object
  • Generalized friezes and a modified Caldero-Chapoton map depending on a rigid object

    Huckleberry, Alan :
  • Classical Symmetries of Complex Manifolds
  • Finite symmetry groups in complex geometry

    Ikenmeyer, Christian :
  • Small Littlewood-Richardson coefficients
  • Deciding Positivity of Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients
  • Equations for lower bounds on border rank
  • Explicit Lower Bounds via Geometric Complexity Theory
  • Nonvanishing of Kronecker coefficients for rectangular shapes
  • Even Partitions in Plethysms
  • Geometric Complexity Theory and Tensor Rank
  • On vanishing of Kronecker coefficients
  • Permanent versus determinant: not via saturations
  • Fundamental invariants of orbit closures
  • Binary determinantal complexity

    Jambor, Sebastian :
  • Computing minimal associated primes in polynomial rings over the integers
  • An L3 -U3 -quotient algorithm for finitely presented groups
  • Normal form for matrices over uniserial rings of length two

    Jongen, Jan :
  • The Brauer-Clifford group and rational forms of finite groups
  • Rational forms of finite matrix groups

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