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Klostermann, Inka :
  • Generalization of the Macdonald formula for Hall-Littlewood polynomials

    Knop, Friedrich :
  • Automorphisms of multiplicity free Hamiltonian manifolds
  • Localization of spherical varieties
  • Spherical roots of spherical varieties
  • Volume growth, temperedness and integrability of matrix coefficients on a real spherical space
  • Simple compactifications and polar decomposition of homogeneous real spherical spaces
  • The local structure theorem for real spherical varieties
  • The tempered spectrum of a real spherical space
  • On the W-action on B-sheets in positive characteristic
  • Spherical subgroups in simple algebraic groups

    Krause, Henning :
  • Stratifying triangulated categories
  • On the center of a triangulated category
  • Expansions of abelian categories
  • Module categories for finite group algebras
  • Localising subcategories for cochains on the classifying space of a finite group
  • Stratifying modular representations of finite groups
  • Representations of finite groups: Local cohomology and suppor
  • Approximations and adjoints in homotopy categories
  • Report on locally finite triangulated categories
  • Colocalizing subcategories and cosupport
  • The Gabriel-Roiter filtration of the Ziegler spectrum
  • The Bousfield lattice of a triangulated category and stratification
  • Module categories for group algebras over commutative rings
  • Koszul, Ringel, and Serre duality for strict polynomial functors
  • Abelian length categories of strongly unbounded type
  • A note on thick subcategories of stable derived categories
  • Morphisms determined by objects in triangulated categories
  • The Krull-Gabriel dimension of discrete derived categories
  • Morphisms determined by objects and flat covers
  • Polynomial representations of GL(n) and Schur-Weyl duality
  • The artinian conjecture (following Djament, Putman, Sam, and Snowden)
  • A local-global principle for small triangulated categories
  • Deriving Auslander's formula
  • Krull-Schmidt categories and projective covers

    Kus, Deniz:
  • Local Weyl modules for equivariant map algebras with free abelian group actions
  • Demazure modules and Weyl modules: The twisted current case
  • Fusion products and toroidal algebras

    Külshammer, Burkhard :
  • A notion of induction-restriction depth of multimatrix algebra inclusions applied to subgroups
  • On 2-blocks with minimal nonabelian defect groups II
  • 2-blocks with abelian defect groups
  • Anchors of irreducible characters
  • Blocks with transitive fusion systems
  • Central idempotents of the bifree and left-free double Burnside ring
  • Finite groups with two conjugacy classes of p-elements and related questions for p-blocks
  • On Loewy lengths of blocks
  • A note on Olsson's conjecture
  • The 2-blocks of defect 4
  • The depth of Young subgroups of symmetric groups
  • Group algebra extensions of depth 1
  • On the depth of subgroups and group algebra extensions
  • On subgroup depth
  • On the depth 2 condition for group algebra and Hopf algebra extensions

    Külshammer, Julian :
  • Biserial algebras via subalgebras and the path algebra of D_4
  • Representation type of Frobenius-Lusztig kernels
  • Auslander-Reiten theory of Frobenius-Lusztig kernels

    Ladkani, Sefi :
  • Categorification of a linear algebra identity and factorization of Serre functors
  • Derived equivalence classification of cluster-tilted algebras of Dynkin type E
  • Algebras of quasi-quaternion type
  • On cluster algebras from once punctured closed surfaces
  • Hochschild cohomology of gentle algebras
  • On Jacobian algebras from closed surfaces
  • Hochschild cohomology of the cluster-tilted algebras of finite representation type
  • Towards derived equivalence classification of the cluster-tilted algebras of Dynkin type D
  • On derived equivalences of lines, rectangles and triangles
  • Derived equivalences of triangular matrix rings arising from extensions of tilting modules
  • Derived equivalence classification of the gentle algebras arising from surface triangulations

    Lanini, Martina :
  • Degenerate flag varieties and Schubert varieties: a characteristic free approach
  • Filtered moment graph sheaves
  • Filtered modules on moment graphs and Lusztig's periodic patterns

    Littelmann, Peter :
  • Zhu's algebra and the $C_2$-algebra in the symplectic and the orthogonal cases
  • Zhu's algebras, C2-algebras and abelian radicals
  • PBW filtration and bases for irreducible modules in type $A_n$
  • One-skeleton galleries, the path model and a generalization of Macdonald's formula for Hall-Littlewood polynomials
  • PBW filtration and bases for symplectic Lie algebras
  • Symplectic degenerate flag varieties
  • Degenerate flag varieties and Schubert varieties: a characteristic free approach
  • Fusion products and toroidal algebras
  • Favourable modules: Filtrations, polytopes, Newton-Okounkov bodies and flat degenerations
  • Knuth relations, tableaux and MV-cycles
  • PBW--filtration over $\bz$ and compatible bases for $V_\bz(\la)$ in type ${\tt A}_n$ and ${\tt C}_n$

    Maier, Annette :
  • A Difference Version of Nori's Theorem
  • On the parameterized differential inverse Galois problem over k((t))(x)
  • Embedding problems of division algebras
  • Difference equations with semisimple Galois groups in positive characteristic
  • Additive Polynomials for finite groups of Lie type

    Malle, Gunter :
  • Blocks with Equal Height Zero Degrees
  • Constructing representations of Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups
  • Extending characters from Hall subgroups
  • Characterizing normal Sylow $p$-subgroups by character degrees
  • Characteristic polynomials and fixed spaces of semisimple elements
  • The largest irreducible representations of simple groups
  • Quasi-isolated blocks and Brauer's height zero conjecture
  • Frobenius--Schur indicators of unipotent characters and the twisted involution module
  • On the inductive Alperin--McKay and Alperin weight conjecture for groups with abelian Sylow subgroups

    Mozgovoy, Sergey :
  • Crepant resolutions and brane tilings II: Tilting bundles
  • Crepant resolutions and brane tilings I: Toric realization

    Müller, Jürgen :
  • On low-degree representations of the symmetric group
  • On finite groups of symmetries of surfaces
  • On p-groups of Gorenstein-Kulkarni type
  • Vertices of Lie modules
  • Broue's abelian defect group conjecture and 3-decomposition numbers of the sporadic simple Conway group Co_1
  • On tensor products of path algebras of type A
  • Broue's abelian defect group conjecture for the sporadic simple Janko group J_4 revisited
  • Broue's abelian defect group conjecture holds for the double cover of the Higman-Sims sporadic simple group
  • The Brauer characters of the sporadic simple Harada-Norton group and its automorphism group in characteristics 2 and 3
  • Source algebras of blocks, sources of simple modules, and a conjecture of Feit
  • Broue's abelian defect group conjecture holds for the sporadic simple Conway group Co_3
  • On the structure of the tensor square of the natural module of the symmetric group
  • The vertices and sources of the natural simple module for the alternating group in even characteristic
  • Broue's abelian defect group conjecture holds for the Harada-Norton sporadic simple group HN
  • Symmetric generation of Coxeter groups
  • James' conjecture for Hecke algebras of exceptional type I

    Nebe, Gabriele :
  • On theta series attached to maximal lattices and their adjoints
  • On the classification of lattices over $\Q(\sqrt{-3})$, which are even unimodular $\Z$-lattices
  • p-adic lifting properties and derived equivalences
  • The p-adic group ring of SL_2(p^f)

    Neeb, Karl-Hermann :
  • Borel--Weil Theory for Groups over Commutative Banach Algebras
  • Unitary highest weight modules of locally affine Lie algebras
  • Geometric characterization of hermitian algebras with continuous inversion
  • On analytic vectors for unitary representations of infinite dimensional Lie groups
  • Schur--Weyl Theory for C$^*$-algebras
  • Semibounded representations of hermitian Lie groups
  • Analytic extension techniques for unitary representations of Banach-Lie groups
  • Categories of unitary representations of Banach-Lie supergroups and restriction functors
  • Positive definite superfunctions and unitary representations of Lie supergroups
  • Oscillator algebras with semi-equicontinuous coadjoint orbits
  • Differentiable vectors and unitary representations of Frechet--Lie supergroups
  • Holomorphic Realization of Unitary Representations of Banach--Lie Groups
  • Infinite Tensor Products of $C_0(\R)$: Towards a Group Algebra for $\R^\infty$
  • Reflection positivity and conformal symmetry
  • Positive energy representations and continuity of projective representations for general topological groups
  • Crossed products of $C^*$-algebras for singluar actions
  • Unitary representations of Unitary Groups
  • Classification of positive energy representations of the Virasoro group
  • Reflection positive one-parameter groups and dilations, Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
  • Reflection positivity for the circle group
  • Integrability of unitary representations on reproducing kernel spaces
  • Semibounded unitary representations of double extensions of Hilbert--Loop groups
  • Finite dimensional compact and unitary Lie superalgebras
  • On an invariance property of the space of smooth vectors
  • Norm continuous unitary representations of Lie algebras of smooth sections
  • $C^*$-algebras and direct integral decomposition for Lie supergroups
  • Nonlinear completely positive maps and dilation theory for real involutive algebras
  • Positive energy representations for locally finite split Lie algebras
  • Projective unitary representations of infinite dimensional Lie groups
  • Smoothing operators and $C^*$-algebras for infinite dimensional Lie grooups
  • Positive energy representations of double extensions of Hilbert loop algebras
  • Isomorphisms of twisted Hilbert loop algebras
  • Bounded and Semi-bounded Representations of Infinite Dimensional Lie Groups
  • Reflection positive stochastic processes indexed by Lie groups
  • Covariant central extensions of gauge Lie algebras
  • Momentum Maps for Smooth Projective Unitary Representations

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